Chester River Health Foundation Hosts
27th Annual Golf Fundraiser

The UM Chester River Health Foundation will host its 27th annual golf fundraiser at the Chester River Yacht & Country Club in Chestertown, Maryland on Friday, June 4, 2021.

Click here to view our 2021 Golf Brochure.

Our annual golf tournament has always been our premiere fundraiser as it raises funds for the highest priority project or equipment to benefit the people proudly served at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown.

Due to specific golfer information required by the Chester River Yacht & Country Club, golfer registration is not available online.  If you would prefer to register by phone, please contact Deb Lauser at 410-810-5661.

The Chester River Health Foundation Board of Directors and Staff would like to sincerely thank everyone who participates in this annual event!

Harms Foursome 1

For this tournament, proceeds will help purchase a new chemistry analyzer for the lab in Chestertown. A chemistry analyzer is the backbone of every hospital. This equipment, which will cost $150,000, analytically measures multiple tests used for diagnosis and treatment for:

Glucose (diabetes)
Cardiac Markers (heart attacks, congestive heart failure)
Lipid Panels (cholesterol)
Blood Alcohol
Pregnancy Tests
Kidney Function
Liver Enzymes detect liver disease associated with many causes including hepatitis, cancer, and other factors impairing liver function)

As well as:

Drug levels to establish therapeutic levels as well as to identify drug abuse proteins to determine malnourishment and blood disorders

Enzymes to evaluate for pancreatitis electrolytes – dehydration/electrolyte imbalance due to other factors.

Bilirubin testing on newborns and markers for blood stream infections for ER patients.

This machine runs 24/7/365 and tests approximately 198 specimens per day; each specimen could include 10 individual components. Nearly every ER patient, lab outpatients and all inpatients have tests run on this equipment.

In other words, this is a BIG DEAL in patient care!